Peter Sooley

Hello! I'm Peter Sooley. I am the author of this blog.

This is a side project allowing me to express some thoughts on building software, working with clients and designers, or generally about the developer community and industry. Maybe this helps others looking for the same answers I've sought after.

Professional Unicorn

I do all aspects of web development from server administration, to software development and interface design, but that doesn't make me a unicorn. Unicorns are rare and magical. I jus' regular renaissance human.

What is ElmDash about?

It's like "em dash", but crossed with an elm tree. These are native to my home and are a staple shade tree in eastern America.

It's just a name that isn't my own personal birth name. If I were to ever start a business of my own, it'd be as ElmDash. Currently it's just the name of this blog and also the name of some small and neglected public-facing repositories.

Where do you work?

I work for Downstream as the tech lead for building CMSs that sit behind each of the bespoke applications we build for our clients. I am currently spearheading an ambitious project to overhaul their CMSs into a single unified product.

Am I looking for work?

I am very happy at Downstream, but I could be convinced to leave "agency life" if a very special opportunity came along...